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Garcia Hernandez’ Roxas Park

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1 Garcia Hernandez’ Roxas Park on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:16 am

The Garcia Hernandez Roxas Park, otherwise formally known as the President Manuel A. Roxas Campsite is the pride of the town. Within the park are the well-visited Maambong Spring Pools and the Seventh Heaven Caves.

The site is only a short 3-kilometer drive away from the Poblacion’s municipal hall. From Tagbilaran City, it is only an hour drive, about 53 kilometers away. The trip to Garcia Hernandez is scenic and interesting when traveling from Tagbilaran City going southward since one will pass by the famous Baclayon Church plus other old and massive churches in the succeeding towns.

Traversing the coastal road is also rewarding with intermittent views of beaches, the blue sea and rugged cliffs on one’s right side and on the other, views of rice and corn fields, coconut palm groves and tropical dwellings of Boholanos including heritage homes.

The park lies a bit inland from the national highway, characterized by tall mahogany trees, lush vegetation that includes rich fauna. An open cogon field is usually used as a camping area. The cool and peaceful ambiance of the place led the inhabitants to call it “Maambong”, meaning “ambient”.

Within the park, and on a nearby hill, is where the Seventh Heaven Caves are situated. The old path that leads to the cave has been developed into a roadway to facilitate ease of travel to the site. A viewing deck has been constructed and gives a panoramic view of the town’s countryside.

Adjacent to the park are the swimming pools which are fed by a spring that gush out from rocks. From the pools the water flows out towards a rolling terrain planted to rice. There are two swimming pools. Cottages are provided at the sides of the pools to give bathers shade and a place to hold picnics.

The park was named after President Manuel A. Roxas, prior to his election into the presidency of the Philippine Commonwealth in 1946. Today, it is a much used campsite by the provincial boy and girl scouts as well as private campers. In 1981, it was the venue of the girl and boy scouts of the Philippines’ National Encampment. Spiritual retreats and recollections are also held there throughout the year.

The Park has been identified and established by Cluster IV of the Province of Bohol as Garcia Hernandez’ One Town One Product (OTOP). As a campsite, it has to have camping grounds, swimming pools and hiking lanes. The park has all three; although the area needs to be developed and facilities and amenities provided to further attract more visitors.

At present, the Park is being visited by more than 200 weekly visitors and tourists who generate income for the town coffers. To create more income, the Municipal Tourism Council has designed tour packages that include other sites of the town such as a hanging bridge, caves, waterfalls, beaches, shrines and other heritage sites.

Now, Garcia Hernandez is geared towards full development. A community-based tourism development program is underway with the main aim to conserve and preserve the town’s God-given assets by enabling community-based organizations to plant and maintain flowers, fruit bearing trees and other tropical fauna and flora in the park and in its access roads.

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2 Re: Garcia Hernandez’ Roxas Park on Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:26 pm

hi, i'd like to clarify a few things about this article:
-that the Seventh Heaven isn't a cave but a hiking lane. Very Happy

-and that the registered OTOP in DTI is the limestone, not Pres. Manuel Roxas Campsite (PMRC) which is a tourist spot and not a product. Very Happy

I hope these information will help. Thanks!!!

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3 Re: Garcia Hernandez’ Roxas Park on Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:36 am

Thank you for the info. Smile

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4 suggestions for roxas park.. on Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:36 am

it is nice nga na improve na ang duha ka pools..with lighting..and also the cottages. pero murag naay kinahanglan nga pool pang bata. kanag mabaw ra. so going to roxas park will be a whole family affair. di na mahadlok ngasimbako malumos ang mga kids. ikaduha it will be a venue where the toddlers and kids can start to learn to swim..mas maayu pud ug naay competition pool. a 50 meter pool para basin maka discover pud ta ug bisan national level na lang nga ma swimmers. bisag provincial na lang. mas maayu pud madugangan ang existing cottages. kanang maka accomodate ug live in seminars bale 100 ka tawu..Smile mas maayu pud ug naay mga tents and sleeping bags for rent for people who may want to pitch their tents in the open spaces around...maayu unta pud ug mabalhin ang school paramudaku ang lugar sa park..Smile cge..ayu ayu peps..Smile God bless

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5 Re: Garcia Hernandez’ Roxas Park on Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:29 pm

Mas ninindot na diay ang Maambong kron,
kanindot nlng itampisaw.
Dugay najud ko wa kauli o kalili sa Roxa's Park,
makaMiss ang yutang natawhan,cgro next year pohon makauli njud ko..Sana...

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