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FiRst ThiNg U dO wHeN U WaKe uP iN d moRnInG...

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Pgkamata jud nako,tan-aw daun sa cp ug sakong katapad,den adto cr...

Sa pagmata jud ninyo inig ka buntag,unsa inyoha una na ginabuhat?

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tug balik?? Smile

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Sa akong pag mata mo halok dayon sa akong pinalangga unya dali-dali ug naug kay magluto na.

Don't judge the book, if you don't know how to wrap a gift
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tan aw sa cp ug naa bay nasalaag nga message

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manglaba...mamalansa....tungas dajun kay magbalhin sa kabaw...

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brielgo wrote:manglaba...mamalansa....tungas dajun kay magbalhin sa kabaw...

Kugihana gud nimo Sir,ky motungas man para mamalhin ug kabaw,saludo ko..Very Happy kaswerte ni Misis

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ladynlove wrote:tan aw sa cp ug naa bay nasalaag nga message

maayo gani ky naay masaag,akoa wala..

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kugihan jamu...kayud kabajo'..Smile

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sahay ra lagi pui nay masalaag. kasagaran jud, alay masalaag.

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