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Kinsa ang last person na nagtext/email nimo,ug unsay mensahe?

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Chizmiz 101 sa ta.hehehe!
Post na!!!! cheers

(Text)from DaddyHon...

"Hon hapit na hon."

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uli na kay daghang labhunun ug plnatsahunun!!! Smile hehehehhe

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"clinic ko,gakurog ko" from Honey:(

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last txt from smartload gilodan ko ug 115.ug wala ko nakabalo kinsay ngload nko...hulog ng langit nman to...hahahaha kinsa kaha ngload nko unlitxt paman pod ko ug 5days...hehehe

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last text nako si insiong madrona...
Insiong: I was the happiest person on earth when i saw your face.
In bisaya: "ako ang pinakamalipayong tawo
sa kalibutan adtong gigabas nako ang imong
nawong..." haha =)
kaingon ko chicks na nag txt, pagkadimalas
gud kay gigabas pa gud ahong nawong... toinks
affraid Sad

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