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Kung makita mo ang EX mo na may bago ng minamahal...

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Unsay imong reaksyon?

I don't get jealous kng mkta mn nako akong X-men na w/ sum1 else,ky permi nagaingon akong Mama na dili kuno magdinalo.Laughing
Ihatag sa nangangailangan. Shocked Razz

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mao jud...share ur blessings...hehe

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to sum it all.. " if u love somebody, set him/her free." Smile as per the bible.. love is kind..unselfish....among others..Smile

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Kung naa na cyay bagong gihigugma,maging Happy ko para niya..:)char!

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deadma lang as if I don't know him.. if mo greet sya or duol nako, I would say "Excuse me, do I know you?" Laughing

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if she/he is happy then i will be happy too..Smile

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i wud say to her partner.... bai, akoa ra ba na sauna... hehehehe

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good luck pre..Smile

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Nyahahaha!!mounsa pod kaya iyahang partner ug ingnon nimo ana noh?hihihihi!aper nlng kaya mo. cheers

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