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Official Election Result of Garcia Hernandez Bohol

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Official Election Result of Garcia Hernandez Bohol

GALENDEZ, Miguelito B - 6024 votes
GALLENTES, Tita B. - 5001 votes

SALMASAN, Pio G. - 6542 votes
SCHREURS, Myrna N. - 4312 votes

JAMINAL, Carmen T. - 7971 votes
VIRADOR, Editha I. - 7503 votes
MORAN, Mario O. - 5884
JAMERO, Concordio C. - 5692 votes
SALISE, Nilo G. - 5261 votes
BAJA, Edwin V. - 4533 votes
MADELO, Cesar T. - 4433 votes
ACABO, Remedios R. - 4166 votes
CUARES, Felipe G. - 4017 votes
AMPLAYO, Federico M. - 3962 votes
SCHREURS, Chandrina E N. - 3766 votes
GALIDO, Canuto A. - 3732 votes
MACALOS, Urbano V. - 2707 votes
PAGLINAWAN, Fortunato C. - 2299 votes
JAMERO, Pablo B. - 2082 votes
ABUCEJO, Michael G. - 1627 votes
PAGARAN, Agustin L. - 1618 votes
MADELOZO, Roberto C. 1311 votes
IDO, Timoteo, Jr. V. - 577 votes
GUARIN, Julita C. - 269 votes

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