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FLOOD hits Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol
All about G-Hernandez
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This town is located along the southern coast of Bohol halfway between the municipalities of Jagna and Valencia. It was formerly a part of Jagna, the western boundary of which used to be Punta Gorda or Balitbiton on the eastern side of Valencia. Because of the distance and the difficulty of transportation at that time, the people of barrio Saub and Sinugbuan found it hard to transact business in the Poblacion of Jagna. For this reason, They petitioned for an independent status for then the properous Sinugbuan, now Lungsodaan, as the site of their Poblacion. So, on March 11, 1958, this municipality was organized through the efforts of two priests from the towns of Guindulman and Loay. Out of gratitude to these two priests, the town was named after them, Garcia and Hernandez. The territory of the new town extended from the barrio of Ulbujan to Punta Gonda. The town was made an independent parish by the Bishop of Cebu. In 1879, it had a population of 6,847.

Congressional District: 3rd
Income Classification: 4th
POPULATION (2009): 21,829
Population Density: 1.62
No. of Households: 4,489
Average Size of Households: 5
Land Area (in hectares): 11,684 has.
No. of Barangays: 30
Distance from Capital: 53 kms.
Travel Time from Tagbilaran: 1 hr.